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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Had a fabulous night with Val last night. Was so nice just to veg and chat which is something that we haven't done in while. Life just seems to get soo busy some times and we can now go for weeks without seeing each other.

Mishae moved out today :( She has moved in with her boyfriend so now we have one empty room. (may have to make it a craft room hehehehe) It was bound to happen just never thought she would actually go. Ahhh the joys of having a 21 year old LOL
Was actually going to write more tonight but I have been looking at a photo on my desk wondering what I will do with it and I have just figured it out so I am outta here and will be back with a layout to share with you all.

Can I just also wish the beautiful MELANIE BREWIN a wonderful birthday for the other day. I saw her the day before her birthday but then totally forgot on the day. So sorry Mel :(

Just had to share these photos. I was browsing some of my files today and came across these. They are such little cuties and it seems like only yesterday that they were this small........

Anyway I have to go and make a start on this layout before my mojo hops a plane and disappears

Take care and stay safe


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Melanie B said...

Thanks honey, it is cool as I get older I like less fuss. The photos of the kids are beautiful & I hope you get your LO done. See you Tuesday. Me xx