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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First official day at work


Today was my first official day at work and I loved it. It feels good to be out doing something useful and being paid for it at the same time. I think that I am going to enjoy this position as it will be varied and never dull.

Am going for a walk on the beach in the morning with a friend and then we are having coffee's. I then have my girlfriend Suse coming over for a visit with her new little bubba Angela. Cannot wait to meet the little poppet.

Haven't scrapped for a while so thought I might do a few layouts this weekend. Just haven't had any time these past few weeks but am really in the mood to churn a few out.

Am still recovering from our busy weekend. Woke up yesterday with sore legs and a sore butt which I suppose is from the rock climbing. My poor old body is just not used to that sort of excercise LOL. As I promised here are a few more snapshots from our weekend away.

Thanks for popping by. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, remember to take care and stay safe

Leanne :)

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