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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Last night at the football was so much fun. The atmosphere was electric and there were loads of people there. We were lucky enough to be in the corporate box and we had food and drinks there for us. At half time a waitress came around with huge platters of nibblies - yummo. The kids had a great time too and to top off the night............ the Titans won. GO TITANS

It was funny as Mishae and Hedley were there also but they were way over the other side. With a bit of jumping and waving we managed to spot each other. There is a photo in the collage of them, blurry but them all the same LOL. We were playing text tag until we spotted them.

I have also completed two layouts as part of a the "Chipboard Highschool" over at Scrapping Outback. The whole idea is to learn new techniques for using your chipboard. The first technique was hard and very messy... Glitter everywhere - eek!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am heading off to Craftfest tomorrow with my favourite gal "Val" I miss not spending heaps of time with her like I used to, but our lives have just got busier and we always seem to be working on different days. We are spending a weekend together in Brisbane in June for the big paper crafts festival - looking forward to that.

Well that's it for me as we are going out for dinner with some friends tonight and I have to book the restaurant (wouldn't want to miss out)

Until next time, take care and stay safe

Leanne :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night's a great night for............................


yah, we are off to the Titans Rugby League game tonight. Stuart's company has a corporate box at the stadium so we are lucky enough to be going with heaps of our friends. The children have made signs, got their shirts and are ready to go. We are going out this afternoon after school to buy some face paint as well. This is going to be such a fun night and I am sure that I will have loads of photos to share. The children are hoping to get on tv waving their signs so if you are watching at all then look for us. We will be the rowdy bunch of 12 up in one of the boxes. I am sure that you will not miss us LOL. Tell you all about it tomorrow.

Leanne :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

14 years ago today.............................................

I married my soul mate.

I cannot believe that it is 14 years since Stuart and I tied the knot. I love him just as much today as I did back then. Our lives are so very different nowdays what with work and children etc but just as enjoyable if not more so.

Leanne :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Stuff

I have some exciting news.......

My beautiful friend Bec gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on Friday. He weighed in at 9 pound 9 ounce and his name is Mackenzie Pullen. I have not seen him yet but cannot wait.

Baby sat my girlfriends two children last night as she and her husband went away for the night to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The children were all so very well behaved and I was so proud of them all. Stuart and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. I never thought I would ever find someone that I could be with forever but then God gave me Stuart and I have been happy ever since. Sure we have had our ups and downs like everyone but I still love him just as much today as I did back then.

I created a layout of him on Friday night so thought I would share it with you all. I actually did it for a challenge and am so in love with it.

Anyway gotta go and get everything ready for the working week. Seems funny to be back at work. I love it but I also loved having the time to spend with my friends. Cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Take care and stay safe

Leanne :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Layout

Threw this together on Wednesday night. Must say that I am pretty happy with the final result. Not exactly what I was going for but great all the same.

Thanks for looking


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I was just doing my usual blog surfing when I went to
wonderful blog and saw that I was one of the lucky winners of her giveaways. I managed to win a copy of this book.

I am so very excited and totally blown away. I cannot wait to get my hands on this and start playing.

Well the new car arrived here on Tuesday. We have not sold the blue one yet so Stuart and I are going to take a car each and a child each and go for a picnic on Sunday. How nice that we will both be able to go driving together with the children. I will take the camera's as I am so sure that I will get a few good shots.

Anyway, I am outta here as Stuart is at Uni and I am going to try and get a layout done before he gets here.

Take care and stay safe

Leanne :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Had a message from mum today that my nanna has had another stroke. If you are the praying type then please pray for my nanna for continued peace and comfort as her body repairs itself. She has had quite a few strokes now so we really have no idea how much longer we will have her with us.
Leanne xxx


Just a quick post to share a layout that I created last night. Came together really quick and I like it heaps although the colours just don't seem to look right in this picture.

Thanks for looking

Leanne :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Had a fabulous night with Val last night. Was so nice just to veg and chat which is something that we haven't done in while. Life just seems to get soo busy some times and we can now go for weeks without seeing each other.

Mishae moved out today :( She has moved in with her boyfriend so now we have one empty room. (may have to make it a craft room hehehehe) It was bound to happen just never thought she would actually go. Ahhh the joys of having a 21 year old LOL
Was actually going to write more tonight but I have been looking at a photo on my desk wondering what I will do with it and I have just figured it out so I am outta here and will be back with a layout to share with you all.

Can I just also wish the beautiful MELANIE BREWIN a wonderful birthday for the other day. I saw her the day before her birthday but then totally forgot on the day. So sorry Mel :(

Just had to share these photos. I was browsing some of my files today and came across these. They are such little cuties and it seems like only yesterday that they were this small........

Anyway I have to go and make a start on this layout before my mojo hops a plane and disappears

Take care and stay safe


Friday, March 13, 2009

ANOTHER mid life crisis

Ok well it appears that my darling husband is having another mid life crisis LOL

8 months ago he bought a cute little Mazda MX-5, 2 seat soft top sports car. I sort of let it slide and have actually been enjoying the little days that we get to go driving together. Well he came home the other day and told me that he had found another one that was only 1 of 5 in Australia and that he had bought it (online!!) EEK!!!!!!! I guess it is not really that much of a problem as the blue one that he has now should sell rather quick as it too was a limited edition. We have people coming down from Hervey Bay on Saturday to take a look at it so fingers crossed they buy it.

If all goes well we should receive the new one on Thursday dependant upon the freight company getting here. I doubt if I will be allowed to drive this one as it has a turbo on it.........

Anyway am going to my girlfriends for dinner tonight. Am looking forward to it as it feels like for ever since I have seen her.

Take care and stay safe


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Look what I got

Look what arrived in my letterbox this week

The beautiful Janelle Wind sent this to me and I cannot thank her enough. It is such a beautiful bag and I cannot wait to get the material and make a start on it. I am hoping to to get it started on Wednesday as my friend Suse is coming over and she can actually sew LOL........

Work is keeping me pretty busy. So much to learn.

Not a lot to tell today. Stuart is at Uni tonight so I may even do some scrapping again.

Take care and stay safe
Leanne :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Scrap Jacked Layout for March

I scrapped on the weekend, only got one layout done but it is good considering it has been that long since I created anything LOL

This is my entry for the March Aussie Scrap Jacked site.

I had to end up inking the lace around the flower as it was all I could find and the colours were just not quite right.

Thanks for looking

Take care and stay safe

Leanne :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So tired

Have had a fabulous day visiting, swimming and eating...

Set my alarm for 6am and got up with the intention of going to the markets. Great idea, made my coffee, got in the car and drove to Carrara Markets. Yah!!!! Got car park right out front which was a miracle but then noticed that there were not many cars there at all. Very strange as I thought the markets would already be super busy. Hah how wrong was I......... Apparently most of the stalls don't open until 7/7.30 so I had an hour plus to kill. Went back, sat in my car and played bubble breaker on my phone LOL. FINALLY some action appeared so I wandered in and got the little lace flower that I wanted to finish my layout with... Yep I went through all that hassle just for one lousy little lace flower. The things we do.

Got back home to find that Stuart and Jacob were still snoring their heads off, that is until Stuart's phone rang (no it wasn't me it was his dad). Cleaned up a bit around the house then started to get ready to visit our friends whom we have not seen for a while. Had to pick Emma up from her sleepover and got there to find one very grumpy, tired little girl. They never got to sleep until midnight..... Oh well it is not like she does it every night so it won't hurt her.

Had a fun afternoon with our friends. She cooked up a beautiful Thai feast for lunch (mmmm yummy) and then we poured ourselves a few drinkies and jumped in the pool. I am slightly waterlogged now though...... Nothing like spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in the pool with a glass of wine and good friends. Must say that I am definitely looking forward to my bed tonight though.

Jacob after a nice long swim

Emma playing with the jigsaw blow up thingamebobs

Emma and little Eden



And this photo of Em just beacause I like it.......

Hope you have all had a beautiful weekend
Take care and stay safe
Leanne :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

She scraps

Yah I did it!!!!

I scrapped!!!!!!

Would love to show you but I have to wait until I finish it first. Have to run down to the markets tomorrow morning and see if I can get a lace flower for it. I am making it for the scrapjacked site. Fun little comp each month.

It is only 8.15 but I am thinking that I will go to bed and read for a while. The house is very quite tonight as Emma has gone to a girlfriends house and Jacob has no one to argue with LOL. It must be very easy with only one child....... I am very happy with the three I have though and wouldn't give them up for quids.

Hope you all like my new blog. I made it in photoshop and then found a site that showed me how to make it my backgroud. Been wanting to learn how to do that for ages.....

Anyway, have a great weekend, take care and stay safe

Leanne xxx

Friday, March 6, 2009

Not a lot to tell today.

Went to work (which is a great change) and that is about it. We are going out for dinner tonight at our fav little restaurant Tuk Tuk Thai. So convenient having the restaurant so close to home. We can all walk there and that way both Stuart and I can have a few glasses of wine without having to worry about drink driving.

Stuart is away all day tomorrow studying so I am going to pull out the scrapping stuff and scrap my little heart out...... It seems like I haven't scrapped anything for so long. Will be looking forward to it.

Ok, gotta go and start getting the children dressed and ready for dinner.

Take care and stay safe
Leanne :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Had a great day at work today. Only myself and the admin girl was there and I managed to complete my work quite quickly so ended up leaving half hour early YAH. I am sure that I am going to enjoy this position as it is going to be quite varied.

Am looking forward to next weekend as I believe there is a quilt and craft fair at the convention centre here on the coast. I am dying to buy some new fabrics.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Sal and Mark on the birth of their beautiful little boy Noah. You can find Sal over at Scrap of Faith.

Anyway it is time for me to go snuggle with my husband and watch Law & Order SVU.

Take care and stay safe.
God Bless

Leanne :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First official day at work


Today was my first official day at work and I loved it. It feels good to be out doing something useful and being paid for it at the same time. I think that I am going to enjoy this position as it will be varied and never dull.

Am going for a walk on the beach in the morning with a friend and then we are having coffee's. I then have my girlfriend Suse coming over for a visit with her new little bubba Angela. Cannot wait to meet the little poppet.

Haven't scrapped for a while so thought I might do a few layouts this weekend. Just haven't had any time these past few weeks but am really in the mood to churn a few out.

Am still recovering from our busy weekend. Woke up yesterday with sore legs and a sore butt which I suppose is from the rock climbing. My poor old body is just not used to that sort of excercise LOL. As I promised here are a few more snapshots from our weekend away.

Thanks for popping by. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, remember to take care and stay safe

Leanne :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are back from a very,very hectic weekend.

We went to Tea Gardens just north of Newcastle to see the school camp that our family has just purchased. It used to be the old Leylond Brothers World and is totally awesome. It now caters for school camps. There are rope climbs, commando courses, flying fox, indoor and outdoor rock climbing, archery, fencing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, there is a movie theatre and auditorium, bungee jumping, we even have a pet snake called monty.

The kids had a ball (must admit I did too) but we are all so very tired and ready for bed. click this link to go see what there is to do. Was such a huge place, blew my socks off...........

It was such a lovely break though and we all got to celebrate my fil's 60th birthday and then on Saturday night we celebrated my sil's 30th. All in all there was not a minute that wasn't fun. Here are some photos, I do have more but didn't want to overload you all.....

All the cousins

Me at one of the archery places

More of the rug rats

Me all harnessed up for the rock climbing

Thanks for popping by
Leanne xxx