Sunday, July 24, 2016

She Scraps :-0

Wow - i scrapped

First big ride on my Harley......... love how casual this photo is.
Products used: Kaisercraft Happy Snaps Collection, Mini Bunting,
Metal Bookplates, Cardstock.
Other: twine, lettering & ink
It has been three years since our little princess died. I lost my passion for everything when she went and have been trying to get some joy back into my  life since then.  I often wonder what she would be like now as a 16 year old.  Emma was such a strong intelligent young lady and I am sure that she would be no different today.  

Stuart has had a Harley Davidson for ever and I always rode on the back with him which is so much fun.  After we lost Em I realised how short life was so decided to get my motorcycle licence as I had always wanted my own bike.  I had that licence for two years before I eventually purchased a bike, actually I had no intentions of buying a bike that day.  Stuart took me to the Harley store to buy new riding boots and while I was trying on my boots unbeknownst to me he was over with the salesman buying me my first Harley :-)

So now this journey begins.  I can see many weekends just riding through the mountains with my husband and our friends.  We joined the local Harley Owners Group (HOG) which has been fabulous as we have met a great bunch of like minded people.  Our first ride with the group was an overnighter in Pottsville.  Awesome day of riding and then a hilarious night at a local mexican restaurant.

I think it would be pretty cool to do a small scrapbook to document all the rides we do in the future.  

Anyway that is enough from me now.

Be back again with more biking stories I am sure

Leanne xox

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not long now ..........

Cannot believe that there are only 30 days left until this awesome event.  If you have not purchased your tickets then do so quickly.  We have SO MANY prizes to give away and so much fun and entertainemnt planned for you.

.....There will be food and beverages a plenty.....

Tickets can be purchased HERE

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Page for Charity Luncheon

Head on over to our new page to read all about our upcoming Charity Luncheon for Childhood Cancer

Monday, April 4, 2016

It's on Again

Well after a very successful Charity Luncheon last year we have decided to have another one.  We were so incredibly humbled by the support and generosity of the guests at last years event.  We raised in excess of $25,000 which went towards helping families of children with cancer and also to medical research.

This year we will be focusing on raising funds for CCS (Childhood Cancer Support) to enable them to support more families as they struggle with the demands and heartache of watching their child go through the cancer journey.

If you can help us in any way with this special event then please contact us.  We are looking for major sponsors or anyone that can assist us with donations etc.

I will keep you updated on our sponsors and supporters as they come through


Leanne Love

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Spread the news people.  

This event is being held in our beautiful girls memory to raise much needed funds for cancer research and family support services.  This event promises to be loads of fun and should hopefully take you back to your most favourite childhood party ever. 

If you can join us then please head on over HERE to get your tickets 

We have had some very generous prizes donated also but I will fill you in on all of these tomorrow 

Please share on your blogs if you can as we need to get the word out regarding this event 
Thank you xxxxx

Leanne :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

3 more sleeps

Yah, only three more sleeps and Stuart and I are off to Auckland for 5 nights :-)
I have never been to New Zealand before so am quite looking forward to this trip.  Only 3 hours on the plane too which is pretty good.  It is our 20th Wedding Anniversary on the 25th of this month so we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for us to disappear for a few days.  It is hard to believe that we have been married for that long, 20 years - sheesh that is like forever hehehe.  I even remember our first date on the 9th August 1993, we went to Seaworld.  It was certainly a fun day - I even went on all the rides back in those days.  I have matured (some may disagree) somewhat since then though and there is no way that you would get me on them these days
Stuart proposed just a bit over 4 months later on December 25th and we married just over a year later on the 25th March 1995.
Oh my how young we were
I need to find the rest of the wedding photos and scan them into the computer.  They must be in a box somewhere.

I have been slowly backing off at work now that we have the new accounts lady.  I don't like handing my job over to someone new but we will never be able to take any longer than a week off here and there if there is no one at the office to handle account enquiries.  I don't have much to do now though - oh well I am sure that is going to change once we start building the new house.  That is not going to happen until probably the end of the year but it is something worth looking forward to.  I will also have the Emma Love Children's Cancer Charity Luncheon to organise.  This is going to be the first charity event of many to raise much needed funds for support for families of children going through the cancer drill and also for research into childhood sarcomas.

I had to drive past the hospital where Emma passed away the other day.  They have built a big new hospital so are tearing down the old one.  I am happy to see it go in a way but also very sad that the last place that I got to see my darling daughter alive is being taken away from me.  Torn :-(
I still close my eyes every night seeing her take her last breath.  I don't know how long that image is going to stay with me but man it really sucks.

Gold Coast Hospital
My girlfriend sent me a text the other night with this picture attached.  Thought it pretty funny when I saw it as for those who don't know my husbands name is Stuart Love.  Just on the off chance that these signs ever go missing one day - it was not me :-)

My husband is famous :-)

Well time again for me to get off the computer.  I am cooking a beautiful red curry chicken tonight.  Then I need to get my act together and start packing.  I haven't even started yet Eek.  Also have to find time to get the house work done before we leave.  It will all come together, everything does in the end.
Hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.  Julie I hope you and your family are having a glorious holiday.  I have loved seeing all the happy snaps on facebook xxx


Todays thought of the day:   Don't be afraid to change, you may lose something, but you may gain something even better

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where did the week go

The weeks are flying by............ this week was no exception. Work has been super busy but with the new accounts lady I have been able to leave at around 3pm most afternoons.  I usually start at 7.30 so that is fine.  I love finishing around 3 as that gives me plenty of time to come home, do a little housework, get dinner ready and then go to training.  No stress :-)
My bff had her birthday this week so that meant a nice dinner out celebrating with her.  We went to the Sharks club over in Southport. Great meal at a great price :-) and I got to spend time with this gorgeous girl (Kimmi)

Leanne & Kimmi
Stuart and I attended the Ray White annual ball last year and won one of the auctions which was two nights at the Casino along with two hundred dollars to spend Zen restaurant.  We hadn't even thought much about it until I decided to have a look at the voucher the other day only to find that they were due to expire within the next two weeks....... Uh oh, we decided that we would take a couple of friends with us and stayed there Friday night just gone.  What a great night we all had.  Great food, great atmosphere and great company.  It does not get much better than that.  Photos are not all that good as they are from my camera.

Leanne & Tracey 
Tracey and her husband had to go to a wedding the following night so Stuart and I were lucky enough to babysit their 7 year old granddaughter.  Oh what a breath of fresh air that child is.  She is the cutest little munchkin and so full of spunk.  Stuart was at the office for most of the day so I took Danni to the Town Centre where we did a little shopping and then went and sat down for a coffee.  She had a kiddy chino and I had the coffee :-)
She is totally mad for anything "Frozen" so we went to Big W and bought a "Frozen" card game and a colouring book.  Wow I can't tell you how many games of fish I ended up playing for the next few hours lol.  We came home and then went for a swim.  So nice to have a little one around the house again.
She loved helping Stuart out with the lawn mowing.  She thought he was the bees knees when he let her steer the lawn mower for a little go.
Handstands for the camera

heading to the shed with the dog in tow

getting a lift back from the shed on the mower :-)
Steering the mower
she did not want to get off hehehehe
We finished her visit with a lunch at the Burleigh Surf Club with Mishae, Mark and Nanna Wilma.  Such a lovely day.

I hope you have all had a lovely week too.  I am definitely looking forward to Sunday as Stuart and I are flying over to Auckland, NZ for 5 nights to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Not bad considering he proposed after only 4 months :-)

See you all later

Todays thought for the day:  "If opportunity doesn't knock then build a door"

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bad Weather

Holy cow.........

How bad is the weather and how scary for all those up North being battered by cyclone Marcia......Luckily there have been no causalities directly from the cyclone, well not that we have heard anyway

Cyclone Marcia hit land as a category 5 - worst you can get with 280+km an hour winds.  It had downgraded to a category 4 by the time it got to Yeppoon which just happens to be the most beautiful place I have ever been to.  We have friends up there so have been a little worried about them.  They are all ok though.

We are lucky where we are as the cyclone will be nothing but a rain depression by the time it hits us but that is not for at least another 36 hours.  I really don't think that we need anymore rain though as we have flooding here on the coast already.  We have a fast flowing creek going through our property at the moment.  Nice to have a bit of a water aspect to look at though  hehehe.

Am going to a ladies luncheon tomorrow so hopefully I can drive there and not have to swim lol.  I have baked a beautiful cake thanks to one of the girls at work for the amazing recipe.  I will post a piccie later once I have decorated it.  It is a ginger chai spice cake or something like that.  It looks yummy, smells yummy and I'm not saying that I picked a bit of it or anything but it does taste a little yummy too :-) Can I just say that as healthy as it might sound - it isn't, the amount of butter and sugar is a disease waiting to happen.  I am not going to eat any of it anyway so all's good :-)

It looks as though we almost have a venue locked in for Emma's charity luncheon.  We are hopeful of raising much needed funds to aid in the research of childhood cancers and also funds to go towards a not for profit organisation that assists families of children with cancer.  I know that this is something Emma would have wanted us to do in her memory.  Emma loved nothing more than being there for other kids and helping them whenever she could.  She would often get out of her bed and trolley in tow go visit them and read stories or just play with them.

So much work to do to get it all happening though, it is a tad scary........ I am hoping that she is up there pulling some strings for us

Anyway I have chewed your ears off for long enough.  I hope this finds you all safe and (unlike us) dry...............


Monday, February 16, 2015

More catching up

I first need to start this post with a piccie of my pseudo grand baby...  My best friends daughter had a baby this year and her name is Emmerson.  She is just the cutest little poppet and is such a sweet little baby.  Spoilt rotten too may I add :-)

Unfortunately she does not live in the same state so we don't get to see her that often.

Work has been growing every month so much so that Stuart often spends his Saturdays at the office catching up on stuff.  We have an office here on the Coast, one in Toowoomba and have just opened up in Brisbane. We have employed a full time bookkeeper too so once she is up and going and knows the system my time will be free'd up a lot.  I still won't have that much free time on my hands though as we are holding our first charity luncheon this year in Emmas honour to raise funds for childhood cancer research so that will take up lots of my time. Cannot wait to tell you all about it as it is going to be a corporate luncheon with a twist.  Once the location and finer details are finalised then I can spill the beans.  It will be focused on everything Emma loved.

Jacob started University today eek, can still remember the day he was born... My how time flies.  I am hoping that he has an absolute ball and makes loads of new friends.  Can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon when I get home from work :-)

I went shopping yesterday- in a scrapbooking store.......... Bought a few bits and pieces then went home and constructed a page.  I was hoping that I would walk away feeling reinvigorated or with a new love of scrapping but alas it did nothing for me.  I  looked at the page and thought "what am I going to do with this now"  I still feel that I want to do something crafty but just don't know what.  I wouldn't mind getting into mixed media but cannot find any classes around the area.  I know Finnibair is coming back to Australia towards the end of the year so I will just have to wait for that I am guessing.

Anyway I cannot think of much else to chat about.  I am at work training the new accounts lady at the moment so I had better go as she will be finished her lunch any minute now.

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy

Leanne :-)